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The holiday homes are planned in the hillside on the right side of the picture. Click image for larger version.

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Knutsvik in the winter. Holiday homes on the right side. Click image.


The Knutsvik farm on Jøsneset in Hjelmeland kommune. Hjelmeland is a community in the tourist region Ryfylke on Norways west coast. You will find a map in the right margin of this page.

Knutsvik used to be the farm of the district magistrate in Ryfylke. Magistrate Georg Daniel Barth administrated Ryfylke from Knutsvik in the late 1700's. He was also a fruit growing pioneer, and fruit growing is still the main business on the farm. We grow apples, pears and plums, and you must make sure you get to see Knutsvik in the blossom season.

More about the holiday homes.



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Knutsvik Fjordferie - Knutsvik 8, 4146 Skiftun - Norway
Knut og Paula Foss
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